Support & FAQ

[Q] I am looking for support, how can I contact you?

Please visit our Google+ page and report your issue there.

[Q] Which browsers support the extension?

Currently the extension is only available for Google Chrome.

[Q] I installed the extension but what now?

Login to Google Analytics and select a account. The Table Booster is pre-configured, to appear immediately when a table is shown in Google Analytics. You can change this feature in the option section of the extension. Simply navigate to a table in Google Analytics and click on the Table Booster Icons.

[Q] Why does the Table Booster show "Table Booster Inactive"?

When you are not viewing any Tables with more than one row the Table Booster will be inactive. Simply navigate to a Report and the Table Booster Icons should appear. Currently, Table Booster doesn't support Pivot tables and tables of Google Analytics, that have their own visualization.
If you don't want the Table Booster to show up every time you display a table simply go to the options of this extension and set a Shortcut for the Table Booster icons. You can also disable the Z-Test functionality.

[Q] How can i use the Z-Test?

The Z-Test needs two columns and two rows to compare values. The first column (visits) is always pre-defined and can't be changed. You can choose the second column to compare the values for difference. After you have selected the second column by clicking on the "Z" in the other columns, simply click on the checkboxes of the rows which should be compared.
100% to 95% - The values are very different.
94%-75% - There is a light similarity between the selected values.
74%-0% - Don't use these rows if you need confidence for different rates!

[Q] How are the cell colors determined in the heatmap?

We scale the colors from the highest to the lowest figure in the column. You can toggle wether highest is green or red. (just click again on the icon) We can only determine the highest and lowest depending on how many rows you selected in GA. As we don't access the API we can only investigate the figures shown in the table.

[Q] Data Access: What kind of data access policy is used?

This extension does not access any data by itself. It just uses the data that you requested from Google Analytics via the web interface. NO report data or user logins are stored within this extension!