Enhance your Google Analytics reports in Chrome

Visualize your tables with bar-charts, comparisons and heat-maps

Compare two rows for statistical significance with Z-Test

The Table Booster is a Chrome-Browser Extension that enhances the data-grid of Google Analytics by providing three visualisation types for every metric column.

Start enhancing your analytics - it's easy:

  1. Just install it from the chrome store.
  2. Open Google Analytics
  3. The Table Booster Icons appeare above every data-grid. Click on the icons to active the functionality.
  4. Use and combine all of the graph-types: bar-chart, comparison and heat-maps.


  • Use graphs in the grid-view.
  • Every row can use a different visualisation-type.
  • Combine all types even in the same row.
  • Extend Google Analytics with MS Excel like heat-maps.
  • Compare two Rows for rate difference - run a Z-Test (inspired by Michael Whitaker!)
  • Visualize the Model Comparison Tool with a special heatmap.

Bar-chart: instantly see the proportion between the figures. Heatmap: mark good figures green and bad metrics red. Comparison: see how each figure deviates from the average

Z-Test: compare two rows for statistical significance:
  • Releases and News

  • V 2.38 released We announce the immediate availability of Table Booster V2.38.[*] Bug fixes for change of the number display in Analytics.[+] AdWords - Bid Adjustments
    Posted Feb 26, 2014, 5:43 AM by Edi Dev
  • V 2.36 released We announce the immediate availability of Table Booster V2.36.[*] Bug fixes for internal layout changes[*] Bar Charts are proportional to total value now
    Posted Jan 24, 2014, 4:53 AM by Lukas Wojcik
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