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V 2.30 released

posted Jul 3, 2013, 11:45 PM by Lukas Wojcik
We are proud to release a new version of our Google Analytics Table Booster!

[+] The e-dialog Table Booster will now work in nearly all tables (except pivot) in Google Analytics and also in custom reports.
[+] New Z-Test feature! Select two rows and check if the rates are different.
[+] New Options page: Enable the Table Booster permanently or choose a keyboard shortcut to turn the Table Booster Icons on or off! Further, you can enable or disable the Z-Test feature.
[+] New feature: Heatmap for the Model Comparison Tool when selecting more than 1 model. (Works for Conversion Values & ROA's too)

[*] The GA HTML structure changed again so we had to update the code to fix that.